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“OMG…There are no words!!!”

For a bride and groom who hate having their pictures taken – we went into wedding photography booking with little expectations, that’s the truth. We knew we hated the “same old, same old” posed shots (hate is a mild word in this case), but we also expected to take full responsibility for our awkward faces. We picked a wedding photographer based on THEIR style, and not based on what we expected to see with us IN the pictures. We met Matt at a wedding, immediately noticed the natural shots he was going for, and he introduced us to his Eastcore project – black and white signature style and candid captures – and we were sold immediately. We were both AMAZED and still can’t get over how much we loved the picture process, not to mention the end result! We both cried when we saw the feel reel, it made us relive the entire day over again. If there were a word for more perfect than perfect, that’s what I would use to describe it. We were so focused on what we “didn’t” want in our wedding photos that we never knew what we “did” want until we saw the end results. They knew us better than we did! Besides the photos, the entire experience was as pleasant as anyone could have imagined – Matt and Jamieson were calm, cool, collected and eased two anxious souls who hate the spotlight. The picture process was natural, they knew exactly what to say and we got compliment after compliment from the guests at the wedding about them. Both that they looked professional (They dressed accordingly, looked like a team, blended in perfectly) and that they were completely non-invasive. For an intimate wedding, this is extremely important! It’s a ceremony, not a press conference, and Matt and Jamieson exhibit a level of awareness not often seen in photographers (most just “do their jobs”), and are as passionate as it gets for what they do. I’m still talking about them, 3 months later. We both could not be more proud of our wedding photos. From it being the last and most reluctant thing on our bookings list when we were wedding planning, it has become the best thing we invested in.

If I haven’t gushed enough in the summary, here are some key points describing the day of experience:

– Personalized Professionalism (not just textbook professionalism)
– Passionate involvement
– Awareness of what to capture and what to pass on
– Independent (Important because we had so much going on!)
– Established trust with us beforehand
– Met us at our level (didn’t push their vision, but also imposed enough of one when we didn’t have any, knew that we needed a drink to feel comfortable, just GOT us!)
– Dressed accordingly, blended with the party, made themselves at home, were warm and welcoming… the list goes on
– this was important to us, as we wanted everyone to have a good time, including those “working”. The last thing we wanted was to feel anyone was “working for us”.

There. ARE. no. words. Literally. The final product exceeded our expectations beyond what we could explain. We were so happy with the experience that we actually said “even if we look like hams in the photos like we always do, the guys were great” So when we SAW the photos, we were slack jawed – we could not have imagined in a million years that we actually LOOKED LIKE THAT! And don’t even get me started on the feel reel which was just the most perfect compilation of the night’s moments. I could cry just talking about it..!

Love, Anissa + Mina