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You only show black and white photos; What if we want colour?

Don't worry! You will receive ALL images in FULL COLOUR, as well as our black and white Signature Film Look versions of the same images. We shoot in RAW format, which allows us to digitally develop the images with different looks, preserving all of the original colour and information. Also available for purchase are the Digital Negatives (DNG) files on a USB card. This is only recommended for clients who have experience working with DNG files and image processing. Think of it as going to a restaurant and purchasing the ingredients and recipe from the chef, but preparing the meal at home.

Do you shoot on Film or Digital?

The images that you see in our portfolio are a mix of both film and digital, though mostly digital. When shooting digital, one of our goals is to accurately and convincingly emulate classic black & white films such as Kodak Tri-X, Eastman Double-X, and Ilford Delta. To accomplish this, we've used those films side-by-side along with our digital equimpent and created a digital processing technique that allows the digital files to match the look of those films. On most weddings and events we use digital equipment. This offers the many benefits of modern technology, but still allows us to create that classic, timeless look of film.

Digital Left, Film Right

Do You give any direction or posing, or is it all just candid?

Of course! Photojournalism isn't simply about being "just candid". When it comes to family and group photos in particular, we feel it's still very important to capture these shots. We simply don't show much of them in our portfolio. When it comes to the bridal party photos, we take a slightly different approach than standard wedding photographers. Instead of simply going to a designated location for a photo session, we try to create an event where the bride, groom, and any wedding party members can be doing something; an activity where they can engage in something other than simply posing for photos. This could be a simple as a walk around the block with a coffee stop, or popping into a nearby pub for a drink. The key is that we will make sure to represent everyone in the photos.

Do you use any flash or lighting?

Some of the world's most notable street photographers use flash photography for their work. It all comes down to the moment. Although we mostly use available light, there are situations where using lighting can create that perfect look. When we do use lighting, we prefer to keep it classic. We have many years of experience using all forms of lighting including studio strobes, off-cam flash, bounced, diffusers, softboxes, gels, tungsten, etc... Though for the look that The Eastcore aims for, we stick with good old classic flash. There are still some tricks when it comes to using that flash, such as rear curtain sync and dragging the shutter. In the end, we want you to be reminded of something timeless; not something over-produced.

What is a Feel Reel?

The Feel Reel video is a small highlights video edit made from video clips that our photographers are able to capture while photographing your wedding day. The technical industry term for this is "Fusion Photography". Although it's not meant to replace a full service videographer, it is included as a complementary service when you have two of our photographers present. Also available as is the option to have one of the photographers capture full speeches with audio using a wireless mic. The concept is to capture the essence and feel of the day. For couples who really aren't sure about hiring a full service video team, our Feel Reel can be a great way to have some  video without going all-out.